Magic Kimono

Feature (To be delivered Oct '16) | Latvia-Japan
Logline A tragicomic fairytale of a Japanese woman’s quest to open a sushi restaurant in Europe with a touch of supernatural help from her long lost husband.
Cast Kaori Momoi (Ghost in the Shell, Memoirs of a Geisha), Issey Ogata (Silence, The Sun)
Writer-Director Maris Martinsons
Producers KRUKFILMS (Linda Krukle), Loaded Films (Eiko Mizuno Gray, Jason Gray)
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Where Wolves Fear to Prey

Feature (in development) | France-Japan-TBA
Logline The younger brother of a British girl brutally murdered by an infamous killer journeys to Japan to take revenge when he grows up. Partially based on true events.
Cast TBA
Writer-Director Jason Gray
Story Jason Gray & Eiko Mizuno Gray
Screenplay Jason Gray
Producers Loaded Films, Convergence Entertainment (Tim Kwok), TBA
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Japan | 2012 | HD | color | 13 minutes | Japanese
Synopsis A 10-year-old girl is faced with the prospect of her first kiss when tragedy strikes...
Cast Manatsu Kimura, Takuma Takei, Luchino Fujisaki
Director / Writer / Editor Jason Gray
Cinematography / Colour Grading Paul Leeming
Sound Recordist / Sound Design Paul Johannessen
Music Slavek Kowalewski
Producers Eiko Mizuno Gray, Jason Gray
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